"Wine" Lady Baltimore Cake (Pre-order)



Note: This dress is made to order and may take 2-3 weeks to ship.

Our two piece set includes a bodice and skirt combo. The bodice is made of delicate lace with buttons located in the back for easy wear. The Wine or Plum colored tulle skirt is flowy and includes an elastic waist for an all day comfort during your event.

This is our most favorite pairing for a classic, rustic, boho, beachy wedding. 

*Size up on top if you would like more length.

*Size down on skirt if you would like a more tea length skirt

Questions? Use our chat or send message to cupcakecouturedress@gmail.com


1st measurement is from top of shoulder to above belly button
2nd measurement is top of shoulder to below the belly button
3rd measurement is chest

6/12M: 7.5 inches/ 9 inches/ 17 inches
12/18M: 8 inches/ 9.5 inches / 18 inches
2t: 8 inches/ 10 inches/ 20 inches
3t: 8.5 inches/ 11 inches/ 21 inches
4t: 9 inches/ 11 inches/ 22 inches
5t: 10 inches/11.5 inches/ 24 inches
6y: 10 inches/ 11.5 inches/ 26 inches
7y: 10.5 inches/ 12 inches/ 28 inches
8y: 12 inches/ 14 inches/ 32 inches

1st measurement is from above the belly button to the ankle
2nd measurement is the waist

6/12M: 17 inches/ 15-17 inches
12/18M: 18 inches/ 15-17 inches
2T: 20 inches/ 17-19 inches
3T: 22 inches/ 17-19 inches
4T: 24 inches/ 18-20 inches
5T: 26 inches/ 18-20 inches
6Y: 28 inches/ 19-21 inches
7Y: 30 inches/ 21-23 inches
8Y: 32 inches/ 21-24 inches

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