Velvet Cake (Ready To Ship)


Color Tulle
Our “Velvet Cake” Dress has a soft-white lace traditional bodice with a quarter sleeve length. The scalloped lace back folds into an eye-catching silhouette, giving the audience something to recognize. An underskirt is draped with two straight layers of tulle that add to a sophisticated appearance. Note: This listing is for dress only, please shop our other listings for accessories like headband and belts that are featured on many of our dresses.(Many colors to choose from).
Ankle Length

*This listing is only for our ready to ship, in stock, and on sale dresses. Limited inventory will be available in this listing but if we happen to have the dress, color and size you need in stock, take advantage of the discount! Please use the Velvet Cake (Pre-order) listing if your dress is unavailable and you would like to purchase a made-to-order dress.